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Calm Lake


For Men Only


Yes that's right, we have Men's services. 

Spa services are not just for women. Everyone deserves a little pampering and time to relax. We want everyone to feel comfortable. So check us out.  Book a little time just for you. 

Go to our menu of services on the top of this page for booking 

Mens Facial

A Men's Facial consists of a variety of steps to deep clean tone, moisturize, learn about your skin and what you can do to keep it healthy. Its like going to the car wash. Only better! We also have a package of a beard wash and facial combined.

Mens Beard Wash

"I just use shampoo! Well you can but regular shampoo can dry out your beard so breakage and itching can become common. Our products are made to replace the natural oils in your beard without drying out your skin. And besides it feels great and its awesome beard maintenance

Mens Sport Manicure and Pedicure

Your feet will be so happy! You get to sit and relax in a massage chair while your toenails are clipped and shaped and your calluses are removed and your feet are moisturized feeling ----well you just have to experience it once and you will never want to bend over again to trim your toes.

Aromatherapy wraps

A wrap is a great way to be alone with your thoughts and inhaling some of the most amazing relaxing aromas. It will leave your skin felling soft, your mind a puddle and your soul lighter. We wrap you up in moist warm towels then wrap you in layers of warmth like a chalupa. The oils soak into your skin and senses. After a brief nap we end with a head and foot relaxing.


Swedish or Deep tissue, Full body or just back. We can customize your massage just for you. We can use scented oils or unscented oils. Don't want to get oily? We have cream that is not oily at all. So what ever your preference we have you covered. We can relax you or we can address a specific concern as an injury of back, neck or shoulder pain.  Just let us know.

See our Menu of Services above for more info
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