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Dawn Leigh White LMT CNA

Dawn is one of our very own here at Lake George Massage and Day Spa.

We have, over the past few months, had the honor of helping her and her family out with a few fundraisers. Dawn is in dire need of a double lung replacement and a liver replacement. Our hearts and prayers are with her everyday along her journey to get through until she is a recipient of her new organs! Please won't you help us out by your generous donation in any amount to help us help her. 

Dawn is diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary lung disease and an enlarged liver. Breathing everyday is a struggle on 8 liters of oxygen. 

Dawn is a loving wife, mother, friend and superwomen caring for patients in our local Hospital and an amazing Massage Therapist here at the Spa and we miss her terribly. 

Any amount is not too small. Pennies add into dollars. We will stand by her side for as long as she needs us and we won't give up our quest. 

Please go to                                    We also have a box in our SPA where you can place your dollars, checks or spare change in. We also have a bank account at Glens falls National Bank in Lake George and you can drop money there as well for the account of "Dollars for Dawn".


Covid has made her wait that much longer and every day it gets harder to breathe. She is currently waiting patiently since February in an apartment near the Cleveland Clinic awaiting her transplants which has made it so hard on her family. Now they don't even get to see her. Whatever you can do is so appreciated. We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!! 

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