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New this spring

In case you haven't been on our website lately we have added a few new services and a few pages to our website. We now have a mens only page. I know in this day and age of they and them well we just felt we needed to make everyone who comes into our establishment feel welcome.

We have added beard washing and grooming. As well as all the other services we already had put we put it all together for you to see. Also we have added a lash and eyebrow page. Just for information. Although all the information for every service can be found in our services page, somehow people just dont see it. So we dedicated a page as requested Javen is our lash tech and she is amazing. She is also an expert Make-up artist and she also is available brow lamination and any waxing service you require

Then we have Megan who is a Registered Nurse and is our expert in permanent eyebrows know as 3D Brows and permanent make-up.

So check out or website and be sure to book your appointment .

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