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We miss our clients and staff.

It will be so nice to get back to half normal. We will be emailing everyone our new normal. These steps are being taken for your safety and the safety of our staff

We are proud to say that we really have some great habits in relations to cleanliness so that's a plus however it will be nonstop cleaning and making sure that everything is spot on. So we will be allowing a little time between clients to sanitize. We want to make sure that everyone remains safe in our environment.

We look forward to seeing everyone. We will be leaving online booking off for 2 weeks or until we have contacted and spoken with all of. our regular clients before we will open up the schedule to anyone else. We feel that is only fair. Hope to see you soon. May your day be calming and dont forget to inhale some beauty thats around you. Call someone and let them you are thinking of them. Peace and blessings

Joyce and Jen

P.S. Dont forget to check your email by Monday night.

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