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Why get facials?

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Well I was a very big sunner in the day. Yup baby oil and lots of sun. My mom would yell at me all the time. But what did she know she hated being in the sun. As told by my mom, she and her sisters went to the beach one day together all four of them and fell asleep on the beach,They were there all day. When they went home they didn’t know how bad they were. Turned out they didn’t sleep all night because they had severe blistering burns from the sun that day. So a Dr arrived to tell them that they were to not go in the sun again with the burns they had. They were engulfed in sun poisoning. He told their mother to wrap them in white sheets soaked in vinegar and that should take the burn away enough for them to sleep that night. From that day mom never went in the sun. Now her daughter was basking in it. I told mom I felt better with a little color and she would always wake me if I fell asleep in the lounge chair in the yard. “Don‘t You think that’s enough”she’d say. “Oh mom I’m fine. My skin is used to the sun I go in it all the time.“

Well I look back now and I think how lucky I am. So far! I don’t have great skin but it is not bad. I never ever put anything on my skin but makeup. Never washed it off at night because once it was on in the am by noon it was always either wiped off or sweat off. On those rare outing evenings I might come home and reapply my makeup before going out. But other than that I never did a thing. Just turning 60 has made me look in the mirror. And owning a Day Spa really gives you the opportunity to do what you preach. But why facials?

I fell in love. They are awesome why haven’t I been doing this sooner? What in Gods name was I waiting for? Mom passed away at the age of 102 and she always had some new fangled cream that she would buy from QVC. She started that when she was 89. I asked her why she was buying it and she said “ because I never buy myself anything and I figured if I’m living this long I should look good”.

On my 60th birthday an 82 year old women came into our spa. She gets facials all the time. Sometimes she does her own but most of the time she she comes and has them done at the Spa. A dear friend of hers started getting facials and the difference was beyond amazing. I mentioned to her that her friend was coming in soon and she said she had seen her and she looked so much younger. She stated that she had been bugging her for 30 plus years to take care of her skin but she never wanted to. I was staring at her thinking ”My gosh she doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face and her skin looks so soft and vibrant.“ She began to lecture me on how if you take good care of your skin and nourish it properly you won’t regret it and everyone should care about themselves. Was I not caring for myself? I do believe she was right. Your body is your temple and you and only you must care for it. We brush our teeth and comb our hair and shave our legs or wax them because we think all theses things make us look better, what about our Face? It’s the first thing people see.

This coming year I have vowed to up the care on myself. I will get more facials, massages and me time than ever before. Ideally once a month is good for a facial. However if that’s not in your budget then maybe 4 times a year and those other months a nice home facial will do. I’m going to care more about my skin this year and maybe I will fight off some of these fine wine lines as I call them. The benefits of facials are many. They reduce fine lines, wrinkles, nourish dry skin, move lypmh, promotes relaxation, and reduces swelling.

Our aesthetic team is amazing and I put my face in their hands. We run some crazy facial specials just to get people to try them out and enjoy a little personal time to unwind. I know I will be on the table when I can. I deserve it. And so do you.

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