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Personal Sauna

Immerse yourself in warmth and relaxation. Our personal sauna will allow you to do just that. The room is all yours with no one else to disturb or distract you. 

Our dome sauna is near Zero EMF carbon fiber heating elements and our turmaline stone mat is full body.


Sauna Therapy heats and elevates your core temperature boosting your immune system, releasing growth hormones, endorphins and improving cardiovascular health. There are so many studied known benefits of sauna therapy.  


1)  Lower inflammation

2) Improve brain health

3) Stimulate the immune system

4) Detoxify

5) Relieve, reduce pain

6) Reduce stress and fatigue

7) Improves cardiovascular health

8) Promote skin health


Sessions and packages are available on our menu of services under spa services. 



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