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3D Brows

Some people are born with perfect eyebrows and some are not!

Say goodbye to thinning eyebrows and hello to a fuller, more defined look with our 3D Brows service. We create a natural-looking brow that's perfect for those with gaps or lack of shape. With regular touch-ups, the results can last for years – making this one investment you'll never regret.

Below are before and after pictures of what is possible. Every brow is different. Every eye is different.  Depending on the results that you are looking to achieve, we can sit with you and map everything out during our initial consultation. We explain everything and also determine if you are a candidate, as there are certain restrictions that may prohibit you from this service. We take great precautions to ensure that everything goes smooth from start to finish. 

Head to our Services page to book your free consultation. Or you can give us a call to arrange an appointment. 

-before and after pictures of 
 3D eyebrows
Before and after images of 3D eyebrows
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