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How often should I get a massage?

Well, I hear that question all the time. Actually, it depends on many factors. #1 Why are you receiving a message is it to relax?

#2 Do you have a chronic injury or pain?

#3 Have you had surgery and not progressing towards being pain free or have the mobility you should have?

#4 Are you in a high stress job?

#5 Are you having trouble sleeping?

#6 Do you ever take time to yourself?

#7 Do you have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia?

#8 Suffer from tension headaches.

There are so many reasons to get massages. But what is best for one person is really dependent on the why! Massage moves blood, fluids and increases oxygen levels in the muscles. This allows for muscle repair, relaxation of the muscle, release of stress and increase range of motion. Ideally, if massage is for post-surgical purposes, I would recommend massages once a week once cleared by your surgeon until range of motion is achieved. Massage will speed up the healing process and help increase your range of motion faster. So compared to others who are not receiving massage your recovery time will be quicker. For headaches and general relaxation once a month is perfect. And wherever you are stressed. You have to really listen to your body. It will let you know. If you are athletic or have chronic pain such as lower back pain every two weeks is ideal. You don’t want to go to long and get back into pain or as an athlete you are more active and need that relief to help muscles heal from over work and pushing them.

And all of that depends on what you can afford to do as well. If money is a situation maybe 30 min focused on the cause of pain may be easier to achieve your goal or maybe an hour and a half once a month is best. It’s all a personal choice. Some find it helpful to have massages with the change of seasons, It just works for them. So, it’s what works for you. Every human body is different. Our goal is just to be here for you when you need us.

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