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What's the difference?

There are so many modalities of massages and I hear it all the time, What's the difference between the types of massages and what should I get. My answer is try them all! Well, with one exception, the prenatal, that we will save for expectant mothers. Mainly you have the Swedish massage, which is flowing and is deeply relaxing. It's like having all the fluids in the muscle pushed around and you feel so wonderful that the moment you get up you may even feel a little tipsy. The Deep tissue massage can be on the edge of uncomfortable. I guess to best explain it is that you want to compress the muscle to let go and relax. And sometimes it can be a little painful. The objective of deep tissue is to pull the muscle away from the bone and kneed it. Then compressing the muscle to the bone to move the fluids out of the muscle. You may even feel sore the next day or two. Massage moves fluids through the muscle. Kind of the same thing when you hit the gym for the first time in forever. You feel the same way sometimes after a massage. Especially deep tissue. But it could happen with any massage. It depends on the person.

Sports Massage is more stretching and pulling and focus on the muscle as a group that may be causing a problem or that may be overused in a sport.

Reflexology is done on the hands and the feet and is focused on the Chakras of the body which relates to organs and body parts.

Hot Stone Massage is the use of stones that are warmed and oiled and used to relax the muscles with Swedish strokes. It is relaxing and warms the body. You many feel very lightheaded afterwards, so we recommend going slow for the first 15 min. And then there’s Shiatsu. This modality is performed fully clothed with comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and takes place on a mat. You Massage Therapist will work your muscles through your clothing with pressure and stretching moves that will put you in a deep state of relaxation. Using feet, hands and gravity you will find this massage to increase your breath and slow down your thoughts to concentrate on totally relaxing in the moment.

There is Amma massage. This modality is of China using the channels of the body according to Acupuncture. It is to balance Qi which is the energy that flows through the channels in the body relating to the organs along the way and having a profound effect on the energy system. Some of the points in Acupuncture are used for specific effects. Such as relieving headaches etc. The Amma massage is performed head to toe in a specific patter along the channels. There is no need to remove clothing however comfortable loose clothing is required for easier flow and comfort on the table just the same as Shiatsu.

And those are Modalities that we offer here at Lake George Massage and Spa. Sure, there are more. If there’s something specific, you are looking for in particular please ask if we don’t perform it here, we may know someone who does. We want to help you find what is best for you.

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