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I don’t want anyone to see my body. I’d be embarrassed.

We’ll let us put your mind at ease. 1. You can have massages that do not require your clothes to be removed.

2. We respect your privacy with all massages and service that we offer. If you let your therapist know we will walk you through everything that we do so you have a better understanding of what we do and how. We want you to be comfortable at all times. 3. Services are very personal and we are required by HIPPA laws to keep your information between the therapist and no one else. Unless you come another time and see another therapist and the therapist needs to let the other know something important for your treatment. Anything that is said in the room stays In the room. 4. The room is dark! 5. We only expose what area we are working on so you are showing a leg or an arm and when you roll over part of your buttocks and then your back but never all at the same time. If at anytime you are to uncomfortable just say so. You have every right to your privacy and have your own voice to speak up and let us know. We can always adjust things to work for you. 6. Remember you are in control. Your massage is all about you not us. So we will do everything to make you feel comfortable and keep you safe so you can get the most out your massage or body wrap or body scrub or facial. Whatever service you choose we are here for you.

A first time service is scary. You are with someone you don’t know and you have no idea what to expect. That’s where communication comes in to the rescue. You let us know it’s your first time and we set your mind at ease by explaining as much as we can to help you get over that hump. Once your informed it is less anxiety for you and the more you can relax. And that’s the goal. Then before you know it we’re done. It will be the fastest hour of your life..Then your ready next time to feel even better. Because now you know how wonderful it is to totally relax.

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